Cancer April 2022 Monthly Horoscope

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Mars uniting with Venus might play a toll on your mind and nerves, making you feel as if the conversations you have with the people you love the most are not necessary or redundant. Your feelings or thoughts can’t be ordered.

Some Cancer people might even have a vague impression that they’re reliving scenes they have lived in the past, in the same manner. Don’t ever allow yourself to get carried away by too much pessimism or the project that are beyond your actual possibilities.

Soon enough, you will have all sort of golden opportunities, if you want to prove you were right or that other people are wrong. As preferable, soften your tone of voice and relax. Keep your messages clear. All the situations are going to evolve, even the situations that are seem difficult when it comes to decoding.

Jupiter will master the games and redistribute cards. You will seduce with your childish side, so don’t fall into that side, as people might say you’re too spoiled or too capricious. On April 20th, don’t be abusing with your charm.

You will break many hearts and not even realize that you’re doing it. Nostalgic, emotional, and sensitive, the Cancer is going to be mobilized by all sort of powerful influences from planets. These influences will have them letting go of the family ties that have been exhausted. While the Moon’s children are attached to ancestral things, it would be painful to invite them to change.

April 2022 Highlights

Your 10th House of Profession will continue being important from an astral point of view, just like it was last month, with the majority of planets still being on the horizon. This indicates external ambitions and profession will be your number one priority. You can neglect family matters with calm.

The New Moon on the 12th will also occur in the Cancer’s 10th House, favoring profession and clearing up all sort of complicated issues, giving new information that needs to be discovered, and shedding light on what has to be done next. Now, the planets will be in the chart’s Easter sector.

You will be independent and more self-confident than ever and with every day that passes. Also, your ability of having things just the way you want them is going to increase and adapt to the conditions. Every day, your need to close agreements or make any concession is going to disappear.

Express what you want with clarity and start working on it. 90% of planets will be in direct motion during this month, so you should see the rapid progress when it comes to moderating all your goals. It will take you longer and maybe even years to develop these goals, but at least there will be some progress.

While the Air element will be in power during the month of April, there will be many occasions in which as much as 60% of planets will also bring the strong Earth element. While people will be into logic and ideas, practicality will still exist here and there.

With the Earth strong, there’s a good time to invest and buy, as there will be a value sense. You will either make some good purchases or stay away from spending too much. After April 20th, Cancer’s money planet, Saturn is going to enter the sign of Taurus. Finances will be very strong for the entire month and especially from the 20th further.

Until the 20th, money will come from your job, a pay rise, promotions, or even from building on your good name. Bosses, people supporting your money goals, and elders are going to support you.

In case you are running a business, then you might contract the government or a big company. In case this won’t happen, then you might find something in these sectors. One of your parents will be generous.

After April 20th, money will come from your friends and their relations, use of technology in a correct manner, and organizations to which you either belong or not.

After April 13th, things will start moving when it comes to love. Mars, the Cancer’s profession planet will move with Saturn, the sign’s love planet towards the month’s end, indicating there’s the chance for something romantic with someone with high status and position.

Cancer Love Horoscope for April

Venus arriving in the 12th House of the Cancer on the 3rd is alluding to the encounter with someone you have loved in the past. The native is going to be very interested in reliving a soul learning experiences with Vesta in the 12th House, rather than repeating the cycle that passed.

Also, the Full Moon in the sign of Libra on the 7th is going to touch the 4th House of the Cancer, suggesting more sensitivity and a need to be in safe spaces, as in familiar places. It very likely that the native is going to reconnect with the family, putting an emphasis on the clan’s maternal figures.

In the same manner, there will be an approach to the ancestors and roots, as well as the community, like immigrants and those who want a positive connection with their people and culture. For the Cancer couples, Pluto in retrograde at the beginning in the 7th House of the Cancer, on the 25th, is going to encourage mistrust, jealousy, and relationship power struggles.

In a higher vibration, this is a transit that refers to putting yourself in the other’s shoes and checking the delivery of what’s demanded or trusted. Insecurities and working in cooperation will be encouraged.

A different astrological aspect to be taken into account during this period is the Sun entering the 11th House of the Cancer on the 19th, just where the planet Uranus is also present. This is a configuration that speaks of surprising participation to social events with colleagues and friends.

Don’t miss on the opportunity to have some fun. Make sure you deliver just as much as you’re demanding and trust, overcome your insecurities, and work with equals in cooperation. There’s a different astrological aspect to consider for this period.

Career and Finances Horoscope

You won’t do well in work and professional matters either. The problem will be with the planet Saturn in the sign of Scorpio, placed in the Cancer’s House of Work, which will generate many conflicts. In relationships, you will be unkind. Stay away from fighting with colleagues and bosses.

There will be an austere period in which you will need to order expenses and make some savings. Also, you will have the tendency to fight, have an increased need for power, and to talk about possessions. Overcome any confrontation and be smart.

April’s first days are going to be perfect for signing contracts and applying for new jobs, as well as receiving abroad offers. The Aries won’t measure the actions against you, so they will pass you earlier. While you might feel overwhelmed by what your partner is doing, you will continue to be a model of courage and vitality.

The behavior of the Gemini is going to be unclear. There might be something in their hands that’s going to hurt the Cancer. The Moon’s child should have a behavior that’s not surprising to avoid any surprise that might not be pleasant. Was the Cancer coming from working streak that was bad?

That working streak is now over, so you should go ahead and look for a job, especially during the April’s first week and the month’s last 10 days. There will be chances of you finding a good job.

Financial difficulties are going to appear, as it will be needed to overcome some hard failures from the past, yet some recuperation will be necessary after some hard failures from the past. It will be very joyful to give things a try.

With Mars in Midheaven for months, there will be important successes awaiting, some of them will be surprising, others will be fought for, yet all rewarding.

Your Wellbeing This Month

The energies from cosmos influencing Cancer might cause some headaches and complications with the breathing, at the joints, and in the vertebrae, at the legs, and hands. The adverse condition that Venus and Mars in the sign of Gemini is causing and brought on by Mercury’s square is going to have the natives a bit sick with more than one illness.

Perhaps their lack of energy is going to annoy them the most. They should rest and pay attention to what they’re eating. Capricorn’s bad locations, in the opposite side of the Cancer, will cause discomfort in the bones, joint problems, and headaches.

Do some gymnastics with the help of trainers, as you might need some help from time to time. Swimming, which is the complete sport, is also going to be favorable. Since you’re aquatic, stay in contact with water, as water has healing properties.

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