Capricorn April 2022 Monthly Horoscope

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This April, an astral disposition that is slightly contrasting is asking you to check your priorities. It’s true that according to your state of mind or approach, you take the best into account or perhaps the opposite. You are perfectly aware of the fact that you need to get rid of anything obstructing you.

It’s still the last step you need to take. Whether you’re emptying your heart or your closet, you need to deal with what you have completely put aside or have already forgotten. If you bring your thoughts back to the front, then you have the chance to really perform.

And in this case, you’re saying something. In other and shorter words, you won’t pretend, and you won’t remain stuck with compulsive cleaning. Whether bad or good, you need to be vigilant when it comes to doing things you will later regret, saving what seems to bring your criteria to the front scene.

On April 24th and April 25th, you need to try all sort of new experiences, as this won’t hurt you, but the opposite. Be open, don’t think twice and remain open to all sorts of new horizons. Ignore superficial relationships.

No one has to live permanently in defence. Cultivate lightness and friendships without thinking too much. Be flexible with your opinions. Under Pluto’s powerful influences, Pluto being the planet that promotes the most profound changes, Capricorns, who are all the time patient, ambitious, and practical, feel an urgent need for adopting different life positions.

Obviously, the structure and rigidity, which are typical for the sign, can’t be overcome completely, but they’re going to be able to be more flexible, even if obsessiveness will sometimes exist. Saturn, from retrograde Virgo, is going to encourage your deep thinking when it comes to adopting all sorts of life philosophies you haven’t encountered before.

Many people who are coming across their own lives will be invited and dared to adopt all sort of new routes of all kinds, not only personal. The planet Jupiter is also going to help with seeing things in a positive light, so go ahead and see them like that.

April 2022 Highlights

Relax and rest until April 20th, to be better prepared to have fun at the party, during the time period that’s following. While the month is starting slowly, it will end in happiness. Most planets will continue below your chart’s horizon, and the Capricorn’s 4th House will remain powerful until April 20th.

Put all your projects for this House into practice, strengthen your base at home, and develop your career through emotions. The psychic project of the month will progress. Like the previous month, the planets will be in the Capricorn’s Western sector.

There will be no need to force any situation or get involved in any power struggle. Good things are going to come your way and with time, with other people’s good will, you’re going to seek consensus in all your activities, cultivating all your social talents, which are now strong.

You will be brought success by engaging others into collaboration. With 90% of planets being in direct movement, this will be a month of rapid progress when it comes to achieving your goals. While the general financial picture will be bright, this is a month in which there’s more resistance when it comes to achieving your monetary goals.

While the Capricorn is not keen on speculating, but the momentum is rather intense for the month of April. Try your best to resist or keep your bet protected. You may spend too much on leisure activities and fun, something that will leave a dent in your pocket.

Or maybe, you will focus too much on having fun that you will no longer pay attention to your income. This month, remain more focused on fun, as there will be plenty of power in your 5th House. At the same time, keep the proportions intact.

However, don’t believe the month will be festive, as after April 13th, the pace will pick up speed, and you will have plenty of time to have fun. If you’re looking for a new job or a job whatsoever, then the month’s aspects are wonderful.

This is a month in which you need to make repairs at your home and to build. Someone in your family might get sick. Love is going to make you happy. In case you happen to be single, there will be many options for you, options of serious love or a relationship, everything will have its place in your life.

Such adventure opportunities might test your relationships. It’s good to know that one way or the other, your real feelings are going to be revealed. Health will be favored if you work in harmony and have emotional stability until April 13th.

After, your health is going to be promoted with fun activities, creativity, and joy. There will be positive sound vibration that are promoting health surrounding you. Pay attention to the neck and the throat.

Capricorn Love Horoscope for April

Pluto retrograde in the sign of Capricorn, starting with the 25th, will be a time for introspection. Deep fears and secrets are going to be revealed. This is a process in which the native’s personal growth, through Jupiter in the sign of Capricorn, are going to be reinforced through self-knowledge, by the planets Saturn and Mars in the 2nd House.

Mercury in conjunction with Neptune in the sign’s 3rd House of the Capricorn on the 4th indicates there will be favorable discussions with neighbours and brothers. There will be the perfect time to make plans and clear misunderstandings up.

Starting with April 11th and until the 26th, the planet Mercury is going to travel into the 4th House of the Capricorn, motivating you to go on family short trips, make repairments, and remove things from your house.

The communication planet transiting the Goat’s 4th sign will encourage you to take part in family reunions, strengthen the connections with the mother and other maternal figure. The same planet in the Capricorn’s 5th House, where Lilith and Chiron will be found as well, is going to be very beneficial for those who want to expand to where their comfort zone is going, as well as the obstacles that have hurt them in the past.

With Eros, the lust asteroid, entering the 4th House of Capricorn on the 12th, there’s the indication that Capricorn couples will rediscover their eroticism at home. For those Capricorns who are single, the Sun entering the 5th House of Capricorn on the 19th, where the planet Uranus is going to remain, with the New Moon taking place in the sign of Taurus on the 22nd, there will be a surprise encounter with someone who has potential romantic interest in you.

With the planet Venus in the 6th House, you need to pay more attention to the people at work, the gym, or the spiritual center. The planets’ configuration in the 5TH House of the Capricorn will also imply some unplanned pregnancy, or some satisfaction achieved from children or people working under them.

Career and Finances Horoscope

Jupiter in the House of work promises the most appreciated results. It will be the nest month for work, traveling, changing places, moving, and improving the work conditions. Take advantage of the good and new opportunities that are going to come your way.

There will be absolutely no beneficial presence than the one of the planet Jupiter. There will be offers, general protection, and profits. The stage of progress is going to be good. Don’t compete or fight when there isn’t the case.

Working together with the Aries is going to pay off, even if the approach had on topics is going to differ. Cancer is going to insist to realize a trip that’s going to open doors for all sort of interesting and fascinating businesses.

In the sign of Libra, the Capricorn is going to find a collaborator of value for maintaining harmony for those who are sharing tasks. Some inconveniences in the home sector are going to alter the performance for longer or shorter time periods. It’s recommended for the Capricorn to allow some tolerance and leave the Sagittarius do its thing.

During April’s first week, many efforts will be invested, and little income will be obtained, between April 6th and April 21st, yet a final reward is going to be received. Capricorn will need to take a look at the path that has been travelled until this date, and in most instances, there will be a lot of time before the results of their work are going to be obtained.

Things will have to be done with confidence, as the results are going to be ideal. It’s just that the planet Saturn, which is the planet of difficulties and delays, will currently be in the natives’ 6th House of work, organization, and without any clarity regarding the objective, or without leaving doubts or chaos aside.

Your Wellbeing This Month

People born in Capricorn will most of the time suffer from joint and bone problems, but in the month of April, the respiratory system will have the sensitivity increased. As Saturn’s children will have the tendency to be incredibly careless as far as eating is involved, as they’re not paying any attention to how happy eating is making them, their diet will be nothing but adequate.

Capricorns will eat badly. They will not take in too much liquid, so their digestive system will suffer, not to mention they will end up suffering from gout and osteoarthritis. However, the natives with plenty of energy will feel better.

The tensions brought on by changes can affect the digestion and in particular the stomach, if the food is not properly digested. This very vulnerable side you have must be taken care of. Relaxation exercises can work miracles, as they lead to accepting circumstances in a serene manner, without appearing of extreme structuring and rigidity.

Either way, making order in the diet and not consuming foods known to irritate the mucous membrane will protect the stomach, making the discomfort disappear.

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