Leo April 2022 Monthly Horoscope

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Remain firm on security, this being for you the best display of talent. For the month of April, you’d better be watchful if you need to meet deadlines, as you will succeed in wondering and procrastinating.

This time will be ideal for you. You will give yourself the chance to make appreciations regarding the distance left to achieve your goals.

On April 11th, there will be an awareness allowing to move forward. Welcome it with happiness, pay attention every day to what you’re giving others. This way, you will have energy to move ahead when the situation will ask for it, no matter how practical or difficult that situation might be. You will be able to face any obstacle, and especially those that are scaring you.

You will have your pragmatism suffering from tendencies towards moods that aren’t you. Don’t allow your rich imagination to get you carried away, or you will no longer be a big cat, but a crying one.

The planetary group of Water signs is going to put you in some sort of a mist that you’re going to have a lot of problems to dissipate.

April 2022 Highlights

Almost all planets are going to be in direct motion, and your 10th House of profession will be the strongest this month. Most astral influences will be on the horizon. Ignore family and household matters for some time, giving them less of your attention.

Focus on career, as there will be increased chances of advancing rapidly. Your goals in the short-term are going to be achieved, whereas the ones on long-term will get closer and closer to be realized.

At home, all things will be looking happy, and especially until the 13th. Your family and home planet moving in retrograde for the entire month will indicate that most issues are not clear, as well as that only the time will be able to solve them.

April will be the month in which the planetary power will make the transfer from your chart’s Western sector, just where it was since the year started, into the Eastern one. This won’t happen at the same time, but it should be over on the 20th. Every day, you will be less and less dependent on others.

You will have the freedom to act, and at the same time, you will be much more able to change the condition or recreate them. For the past 3 months, you have been learning social lessons that had to be learned, whatever these lessons were.

Now, you will be about to do what your heart wants. Luckily, April will have more power from the Earth element, at least more than normally, which is something rare in 2022. Mercury, the Leo’s money planet, is going to be in the Earth sign of Taurus, starting with the 13th.

This will be a good time for shipping and investing abroad. You will be strong on practicality and get more for the money, but you might also overspend.

Leo Love Horoscope for April

On the 3rd of April, Mercury in conjunction with Neptune is going to happen in the 8th House of Leo, so you should be prudent when making transactions with shared or family assets. Neptune and Mercury uniting in the 8th House of the Leo will have your perception of reality being clouded.

For work, there will be another conjunction between the planet Jupiter and the planet Pluto, event that will happen on the 4th, on the 6th House of the Leo. This will focus all your attention on career development. To reach your goal, make a plan and important changes such as letting go of what you already know.

In this direction, Pluto in retrograde in the 6th House of the Leo on the 25th, is going to have you reflecting on the alternatives that are available. You need to learn how to recognize the limits you have set on yourself and how these can be recognized, as well as put into practice by employing the personal power.

The Sun’s entry into the 10th House of the Leo on the 19th, where the planet Uranus will also be found, is indicating there will be surprise promotions and encounters with resourceful and charismatic mentors. Similarly, Uranus on the 10th House of the Leo, where Mercury is going to be as well on the 27th, will refer to an important change in the professional direction the native is taking, such as a new vocation or career.

Note that the New Moon in the sign of Taurus on the 22nd is going to happen exactly on the 10th House of the Leo, so expect to receive job proposals from old opportunities. For this time period, you there will also be a different astrological aspect that needs to be taken into consideration, which is Venus entering the 11th House of Leo.

This is going to bring favors to promoting teamwork and collective projects. Venus in the 11th House of the Leo, where there’s also the asteroid Vesta present, is bringing a fortunate and happy astrological position to those who are dedicating themselves to organizing charities and artistic events.

When it comes to managing societies, the planet Mars and the planet Saturn in the 7th House of the sign speaks about the native’s desire for advancing and achieving greater goals, in regard to planet Mars. Before taking any action it’s necessary to organize the resources that are available to you.

Palas entering the 7th House of the sign on the 29th is conducive when it comes to balancing materials and capital, reviewing plans, expanding strategies, and sharing responsibilities, updating agreements, and defining the objectives that are practical.

Last but not least, starting with the 11th and until the 27th, the planet Mercury is going to pass through Leo’s 9th House, where the Sun will be present as well, right until the 19th, when it’s going to enter the sign’s 10th House. This is a configuration that favors the contacts with academic and publishing authorities.

It’s also encouraging if you want to launch web pages, go on a surprise trip, or take on some professional courses. It also does great things if you want to close international contracts in sales.

With Chiron and Lilith in the 9th House of the Leo, the highlight is that it’s necessary to have real confidence in your own talents, human qualities, and abilities, releasing the most obsolete and negative feelings. Mercury is going to pass through the 9th House of the Leo, just where the Sun is going to be present as well, until the 19th.

Career and Finances Horoscope

Leo will not have a planetary presence in the work and money area. This means there will be no important change to the current events taking place. The moment will be positive, more organized, and concrete than usual, as a result of Virgo’s presence in the 2nd House.

Work in the outdoors will also be facilitated, as well as the scheduling of trips. Also, there will be improvements for those who are eager to teach, as Sagittarius will be in the 6th House. Mid-April, there will be good conditions to be felt.

There will be favorable agreements with companies from abroad. The Aries is going to propel the Leo towards achieving new goals. The partner of the Lei is going to think that only taking risks wilk bring wins. Associating with the Taurus would mean the death of the Leo. Not much will be left to do.

There won’t be better conditions with the Cancer either. The Virgo will need a radical behavioral change. You will have to understand that your criticism is annoying and that it brings disturbing effects that aren’t beneficial. The important work holds a lot of value.

Between the 7th and the 21st, you need to focus more. Mercury in the sing of Aries will favor the Leo’s interests. The month’s first week won’t be negative in its entirety. Collaborators are going to seem disconnected from their work and you will have to bear the part that’s the worst.

For matters to become worse, you need to communicate with your bosses, subordinates, and colleagues, which will be difficult.

From the 22nd and until the 30th, things will be very complex, in extreme tension. You will have no money and your financial operations will be delayed, especially if you work in real estate and handle property.

Your Wellbeing This Month

April is going to develop without any inconvenience for both the psychic and physical plane. Leo is going to start working intensely. However, those natives who are studying will need some tonic, as their performance is going to decrease.

Furthermore, they will be eager to achieve some things. Not taking a break will have them collapsing. This is why they need to take breaks, or their health is going to suffer. There will be the valid alternative to do a lot outside. The month is going to be promising.

The energy of Mars will be filling with vitality. However, salty foods should be avoided, and any excess as well, as the sky’s general configuration might cause your blood pressure to be unbalanced.

Relaxation exercises will be helpful when it comes to sleeping well at night. If you take long walks in the morning and are guided by professional advice, then you will protect your cardiovascular system and keep your body regulated.

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