Taurus April 2022 Monthly Horoscope

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April is the independence month, a month that you embrace completely. There’s no wish for you to impose any restriction on yourself, so you accept less and less from other people. Perhaps you were pondering for too much time, pondering all the things that you haven’t digested right.

Starting with this month, you’re going to release what’s in your mind, and you will be right. Saying things out loud, you avoid any little situation that’s ruining your life. Basically, from the 12th day, you know how to clearly formulate the goals you have.

Thus, you need the find the real motivation that’s prompting you to have future ambitions. It would be a good start for you, as starting with the next month, your efforts are going to considerably pay off. You will gain new insights and reorganize your everyday life. You will also have all sort of business opportunities. Your heart will be put to work.

As a result, you will consider every solution that puts up with your demand. There’s a difference between perfection and perfectionism, a difference that’s going to cause you trouble. With practicality and patience, the Taurus is going to make all its postponed wishes come true.

Obviously, Taurus natives need to be called at rest as soon as the planet Saturn, in retrograde from the sign of Virgo, is going to delay the affectional pleasures of the native. However, in spite of this, the important contacts are going to allow them the display of their seductive gifts and thus, the recognition received is going to compensate them for their other troubles.

However, don’t overdo anything and see who you’re trusting. Encourage the reunions with some other people who live far and open their new horizons. They won’t be able to accept such a thing in the beginning, as they have a natural resistance to any change, yet they will be happy about it later.

Trips that are unforeseen are going to lead to experiences without any precedent, and places that haven’t even been imagined will be reached.

April 2022 Highlights

The month will be one of success and happiness, so enjoy it because you deserve every single day of it. For a few times, the things won’t just happen, as you have applied a lot of energy to what you have been doing. It will be like water boiling.

You will have things happening as soon as the situation will reach a certain point. In the same manner, achieving your goals will require spending a certain energy. Even if you have the most excellent abilities and you are a very good person, you won’t achieve your goal without spending energy.

This is the reason why the correct alignment with planetary powers matters. Even if the native keeps on doing things as they have been done all the time, the extra power to achieve the goal will be necessary. You will have plenty of extra power.

While the development of some of the bigger goals will take longer, you will see some progress. First, the Earth element lacking in the past 2 months will end, at least for a while. There will be a month with abundant land, and in your sign. The virtues of the Taurus will be back in trend.

You will no longer be the voice crying all alone. Your views and virtues will be admired and accepted. A lot of what you have thought about during the past 2 months will be recognized. Many of what you have suggested and has been rejected will become valid. Thus, your self-esteem, health, and self-confidence will increase.

All this will lead to more energy and higher income. You have been better from time to time, and the opposite sex will be fixed. 60-70% of planets in the Taurus Eastern sector and the tremendous power that your sign has will help you launch the goas you have in a bold manner, as well as create the conditions you want.

There won’t be any need for consensus during this month. While you shouldn’t ignore others, you should do things your way. You create the source of good and create. 90% of planets will be in direct motion, meaning you’ll see an easy and quick progress when it comes to achieving your goals.

Your life will move forward after stagnating. April will be a sensual month for pampering. Invest in yourself, buy yourself some clothes and accessories, and so on. If you won’t want to buy, then expect them to appear in your life. In the romantic front, there’s absolutely no news, and the unengaged Taurus will be given many opportunities.

Taurus Love Horoscope for April

Venus entering the 2nd House of Taurus on the 3rd indicates a positive time period for buying real estate, antiques, stocks, jewelry, art objects, and investing in caring for yourself. With Vesta also in the 2nd House of the Taurus, the investment will be more than in objects. The native will have the inclination to give more to physical wellbeing and expanding on a personal level.

With this in mind, meditation and relaxing massages will be in good aspects for the time of the year. Participating at consultancies and courses as well, especially the one related to the goals you have. At work, the Full Moon in the sign of Libra on the 7th is going to touch the 6th House of Taurus, just where Juno will also be in retrograde and highlights how important it is to not assume new commitments before the one in course are finalized.

This is also a planetary configuration that aims at reviewing the processes of work, so that the balance between wellbeing and productivity can be found. Be on your position, so that you can be propelled to the stage that’s next. Mars in the 10th House of the Taurus is also going to reveal that the native has the determination to develop and project him or herself professionally.

When Palas will enter the site on the 29th, it’s time for structuring ideas and defining the strategies course that has to be followed. To remember: on the 3rd, Neptune in conjunction with Mercury is going to happen in the 11th House of the Taurus, which will be convenient for avoiding making decisions that are transcendental.

You will have to join a team for work, collective projects, so that the big picture isn’t in conformity with reality. Bear in mind that on the 4th, Jupiter in conjunction with Pluto is going to take place. It will be an astrological event that happens almost every 13 years, but this year, it’s going to happen only 3 times.

Career and Finances Horoscope

During the month’s beginning, the circumstances are going to drive the native to handle all sort of new projects. He or she will have to do with what’s safe and believe in his or her personal skills for economic growth. Gemini is going to accept the proposals of Taurus because these will be very attractive.

Things are going to improve with participation, as well as the relationships with suppliers and customers. Cancer shouldn’t be contacted because there won’t be any clarity when it comes to common projects, not to mention there will be many misunderstandings.

Confronting the Scorpio will be inevitable. Face your partner. There will be 3 months very well-defined. From the 1st to the 6th, there will be creativity, from the 7th to the 21st, there will projects slowing down, from the 22nd till the month’s end, prosperity.

When it comes to relationships at work, because Venus will be in Aries all the time in the 12th House of the Taurus, the native is going to face all sort of difficulties with students, bosses, partners, colleagues, and subordinates. They will feel as if cornered, as if it’s good for them to keep in mind that it’s not at all about winning and losing, but only about how to get the things further.

Your Wellbeing This Month

For April, many people born in Taurus are going to find it difficult to go to bed and fall asleep. They will have all sort of justified concerns, either real or not, so they will be all the time nervous and unable to hide their nervousness.

For this state to be counteracted, they will do a great job at dedicating some free time to sport and physical activities. They also need to think positively, as this will help them from both a physical and emotional point of view. Their capital sin this month will be gluttony.

For this time period, they need to master gluttony, or they will end up suffering from intestinal problems and IBD. They also need to take care of their throat, and they can do it if they’re holding back their anger.

For the tension to be relieved, they need to work the land and take care of their garden. They also need to take showers with oils and walk outside barefoot. Being natural is going to balance their health.

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