Virgo April 2022 Monthly Horoscope

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Are your actions and steps seeming to be exaggerated? True that, as opposed to the habits you have, there’s a lot of trouble in the way you organize yourself, which can make you lose control completely. Put yourself together and stop dramatizing.

The way you think is absolutely intact, so you give a lot of importance to the way you plan your everyday life. Saturn in retrograde in Virgo for April is going to call you on reflecting and resolving all sort of personal and life situations and attitudes at which Saturn has been very inviting for some time.

Mars in opposition from Pisces is going to alter your mood a few times and in the same direction, it’s going to drive you to being productive. Of course, the time period won’t be suitable for establishing any commercial connections or initiating any kind of lawsuits, as problems might arise.

People born in Virgo will get the opportunity to learn a lot from those who are more flexible, especially when allowing themselves to go with the flow.

They should do more and analyze less. If they accept to travel, then they’re going to use a lot from those travels, as that will let them be in Nature and meditate, being able to obtain the best results achievable.

April 2022 Highlights

Just like in the past month, the planetary power will be gathered mostly on the horizon. After the 13th, the profession won’t be only active, more than that. You should and can focus on the profession, although this doesn’t go well with the relatives, tempers things at home and makes things heat up.

Keeping people happy during this time period will be challenging. The profession will be competitive. There will be threats to the position you’re holding, but also to the company. You will defend the position you have, and your competitors will be kept at bay.

Venus entering the Virgo’s 10th House on April 25th, is going to bring some harmony to your profession. The people you’re working with are going to bring harmony to your profession, and those who are your superiors will recognize your work.

You will receive a raise or some other rewards aside from the salary. You might even receive from your boss an extra benefit in the form of pocket money. For most of the month’s part, the planets are going to still be grouped mostly in the chart’s Western sector, so remember what has been talked last month.

Soon, the balance is going to change, as towards them month’s end, the power of the planets is going to transfer into the Eastern sector, even if not entirely. This indicates that every day, you will have the ability to act on your own. Soon, you will have to adapt to the conditions or adjust, but at least you will be capable of taking the initiative and creating new opportunities that are better.

Meanwhile, put others before you and don’t force anything. Virgo’s 8th House will still be powerful until the 20th of April, reviewing what has been said about all this during the past month. With the ruler of the Virgo, Mercury, until the 13th, in the 8th House, detox and weight loss programs will go better. This month is one of happiness, no matter where you might be working.

You will expand your spiritual life, have philosophical revelations, not to mention you will be given the opportunity to travel for educational purposes. Your horizons will widen, producing happiness and optimism. A way in which you can know how you’re feeling is to find perspective.

The more you have a wide perspective, the more you will be optimistic, but as soon as the perspective becomes limited, pessimism begins to install. Finances will be the best.

Venus transiting through the Virgo’s 9th House until the 25th indicates there will be amazing ideas about finances and the concept of wealth will be discovered. You will not only have your interest limited to surviving, but you will want wealth and opulence.

Since the 9th House is also the one of Revelation, you will see how your desires and impulses become practical. Venus present in the Virgo’s money planet in the sign of Taurus until April 25th will be favorable when it comes to planning strategies, investing, and buying.

Judgment will be sensible and practical, you won’t overpay anything, and you will get value for the money you’re spending. In case you do investing as a profession, you should think seriously about real estate, communications, and agriculture.

Virgo Love Horoscope for April

The Full Moon in the sign of Libra on the 7th, is going to transit through the 2nd House of the Virgo, sending to paying outstanding debts or recognizing financial situations that need to be addressed rapidly.

Let’s remember that Juno is going to fulfil the annual retrograde phase in the astral map’s sector, in the 2nd House of the Virgo, so there might be some reluctance when it comes to meeting commitments from the native’s part.

You might think something unfair is going on, as well that you have responsibilities that shouldn’t be yours. Also, you might say that debt is your excuse of denying yourself any opportunity, either consciously or unconsciously. The more you’re waiting to open up accounts and remain in charge of any situation, the more you will wait to advance projects and ideas, things that you want, even if these involve getting out of the comfort zone.

Besides, from the 11th and until the 27th, the planet Mercury is going to pass through the 8th House of your sign, in the location in which the Sun will stay until the 19th, when it will move into the 9th House. With the Sun and Mercury in the Virgo’s 8th House, profits obtained via family businesses, financial transactions, or inheritances that involve shared assets with relatives or partners.

This alienation of planets is also favoring launching joint liability ventures or companies, collecting trusts and insurance, and initial talks with investors that might help you. With Lilith and Chiron also in the Virgo’s 8th House, there’s the possibility that the native is going to reveal him or herself, when there’s the need of trusting others or participating at situations that are reminding you of old contrasting events circumstances.

At work, Saturn and Mars will be in the 6th House of the Virgo, so there will be the impulse of acting when it comes to building long-term and bigger goals. Palas entering the 6th House of the Virgo on the 29th is going to help you asses how your ideas have potential and develop all sorts of strategic plans that are adjusted to those ideas.

Remember that on the 25th, the planet Pluto will begin retrograding in the 5th House of the Virgo, meaning you might have creative blocks, a more optimistic vision, and a good impression regarding the future.

The secret to overcoming all this is in recognizing just how creative you are, so don’t minimize yourself. Find all sort of new ways to put your talent to use. Go on a self-discovery journey and heal the connection you have with your inner child.

Career and Finances Horoscope

No important changes are going to take place. Everything will go on its course, as it won’t be any planetary presence saying otherwise. It’s a month in which you need to behave creatively and to be talented, as a result of the Libra being present in the 2nd House of personal resources and creativity.

You will be creative, extravagant, and original. It would be perfect if you would work in subjects related to people, science, thought, and future, as Aquarius is governing the 6th House. In this direction, you’re going to feel energetic.

When it comes to job prospects, these will be good, though they will still be fights between business partners. A position you’d been expecting is going to be convenient if you want to avoid regrets and hasty decisions.

Interacting with the Gemini is going to pay off for as long as you take care of your partner’s projects. An idea provider, the Gemini will not be able to put anything into practice. Difficulties with the Leo will appear and not diminish.

Working with the Water Bearer will bring only rewards, consistent, and responsible results. While the talent will be doubtful, you will feel unrecognized and clumsy, and the achievements will come during the first day of April and the last one.

Some Virgos are going to have to express their convictions in a loud voice if they want to avoid being ignored. They need to be determined when needed, or they will be thrown away.

The month’s first week is going to be ideal for associations, whereas the 2nd and the 3rd are going to be characterized by stress and being too lousy at the job. In the end, the month’s last week is going to be perfect for traveling, taking exams and finding your profession.

Your Wellbeing This Month

For the month of April, Virgos are going to be at no risk as far as their physique is going. Some emotional problems might cause functional issues. For psychosomatic disorders to be avoided, it would be a good idea to look for the advice of someone specialized, as if there are circumstances that really ask for it, unfavorable consequences are going to be manifested sooner or later, and the damage will become impossible to eradicate.

Digestive and respiratory issues will be the most met. While meticulous people with their everyday routine, Neptune’s presence might be related to health and lead to committing excesses.

This means abuses will affect the health and cause all sort of digestive issues. Be careful with what you’re drinking and eating. Have a balance diet. In case anxiety starts attacking you, keep in mind there are floral systems for calm and nervousness.

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